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Noise Monkey – 3 New Tracks!! (FREE DL!!) [Dubstep//Electro]


When I wrote the genres in the brackets for this post, it took me a while to decide how I should classify these three new tracks . Local Philly producer The Noise Monkey caught our attention a while ago with his unique sound he simply calls “Monkeystep”, and with every new track he puts out he touches so many different sounds and styles, I think the name is very fitting. The first song is his entry into Zomboy‘s “Here to Stay” remix contest, and if you are diggin’ that Monkeystep, be sure you give this Philly native a vote starting April 9! The other two songs are both refreshing and uplifting, yet still have that perfect amount of funk and filth. They were posted as FREE downloads that seem to be sparked by the cold weather and the anticipation of spring, and they sure are getting me excited for the coming months! Also, we’ve included The Noise Monkey’s recent remix of Au5, Auratic, and I.Y.F.F.E.‘s “Lucky”, which is sure to satisfy any craving for funk you may have had! Now sit back and enjoy these great tunes to keep getting more pumped for FESTIVAL SEASON!!

And if you like what you hear, be sure to check out his soundcloud as it’s filled with loads of other great (and FREE!!) tracks!

The Noise MonkeySouncloud // Facebook // Twitter

Funkadelphia pick: “Surprise”

Zomboy – “Here to Stay Ft. Lady Chan (Noise Monkey Remix)” — Vote for this song!!

The Noise Monkey – “Burst” — Free Download!!

The Noise Monkey – “Surprise” — Free Download!!

Au5, Auratic, and I.Y.F.F.E. – “Lucky (Noise Monkey Remix)” — Free Download!!

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