1310 Promotions Presents: Archnemesis & Robotic Pirate Monkey @ Red Sky [Friday, March 29th // 9PM // $15+]

Archnemesis & RPM @ Red Sky

Event Info Event Page // Buy Tickets ($15 Presale!!) // Red Sky

If you live in or around Philadelphia and are a present member of it’s electronic music scene, then you know the scene is ever-present, strong and decently diverse. One genre that has been receiving a serious lack of representation, however, is glitch-hop. And it appears the friends over at 1310 Promotions aim to fix that. This Friday they are bringing two of the nastiest acts in the game to Red Sky here in Philly: Archnemesis and Robotic Pirate Monkey. Archnemesis hails from Charleston, and has a stronger hip-hop influence, with soulful rhythms, live instrumental samples, and massive dubby overlays; while Robotic Pirate Monkey calls Colorado home and has a much more bass-central style that brings the heavy funk. You can actually check out our article on Robotic Pirate Monkey’s brand new Booty Snatch EP as well as check out the tunes. But if that’s not enough to satisfy, we’ve got plenty of other great tunes from these artists for you to sample below. Other support for the show will include Kicks n Licks and Alpha Data. That’s one nice lineup, and honestly, a steal for just $15 (pre-sale tickets only). It all kicks off at 9PM, this Friday, March 29th, and the party will be going all the way to 2AM so be sure to come out with plenty of good energy.

Event Info – Event Page // Buy Tickets ($15 Presale!!) // Red Sky

Archnemesis – Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Robotic Pirate Monkey – Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Archnemesis – Every Man for Himself EP FREE Download!!

Robotic Pirate Monkey – HEAT.WAV FREE Download!!

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