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Chuckie, MRK1 & Doctor – “Mek Money (FIGURE Remix)” (FREE DL!!) [Trap//Drumstep]


Here is a song I was kinda nervous about seeing posted on April Fool’s day, but after listening all the way through I can assure you that this is no joke! We have been waiting for this remix for quite some time now, and this Funkadelphia favorite, FIGURE, has outdone himself yet again. The Indiana producer has always kept me impressed with his ability to touch on (and absolutely destroy!!) a wide range of genres, many times even accomplishing this in a single track. He does it again, but this time he brings trap into the game. With tags on his soundcloud such as “trap”, “nottrap” and “imgoingtotagtrapsoitgetsmorehits”, it’s obvious that he has not jumped aboard the “trap train”, but rather can appeal to the masses while staying true to himself and giving the fans what we love: that signature filthy FIGURE drumstep sound. Now crank up those speakers and get ready to hear one of the dirtiest trap/drumstep tunes of 2013!

FigureSoundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Chuckie, MRK1 & Doctor – “Mek Money (FIGURE Remix)” — FREE Download!!

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