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Empire of the Sun – “Alive” + Official Music Video & New Album Announcement!! [Indie//Synthpop]

Empire of the Sun

This is a name I have actually been seeing on a surprisingly good amount of festival lineups this Summer: Empire of the Sun. I guess it makes good sense though considering they have officially announced the release of their full-length new album, Ice on the Dune, for June 18th this Summer. If you aren’t too familiar with the Australian electronic rock act, they got some talk going with their debut album Walking on a Dream in 2008, most notably their songs “Walking on a Dream” – which many of you would probably recognize as the sample from Wiz Khalifa‘s “The Thrill” – and “We Are the People”. I will have to also personally recommend “Half Mast”, my personal favorite from the first album. Empire of the Sun is also known for their great outfits, which they can be seen wearing in almost all their music videos as well as at each performance. As I said, this Summer they will be taking the stage alongside Passion Pit quite a few times, which I think is appropriate, giving I have always sort of seen Empire of the Sun as a Passion Pit and MGMT fusion. Check it out for yourself though.

Empire of the Sun Website // Facebook // Twitter

Empire of the Sun – “Alive” [Official Music Video] — Buy “Alive”/Pre-Order Ice on the Dune

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