Drum & Bass / Dubstep/Drumstep / Electro House / Electronic / Trap

Calvertron – 50,000 Watts EP [Dubstep//Drumstep]

Calvertron - 50,000 Watts EP

Here’s a release I have literally been on the edge of my seat waiting for, for quite some time. And oh my has Calvertron delivered, exceeding expectations and taking his bass game to a whole other level once again. With his new 50,000 Watts EP he covers everything from his classic heavy dubstep assaults, plenty of hopping moombahcore, some head-banging drumstep and drum & bass, and even some really effective trap and trapstep. Calvertron is one producer I feel I can absolutely always count on to deliver the filth. Please, I urge you, pick up this EP. We’ve got a few clips for you below, but you aren’t doing yourself justice unless you grab this release.

Calvertron Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Calvertron 50,000 Watts EP Buy on Beatport

Funkadelphia Picks: “Beatdown”, “Hip Hop Power”, “Supercreep” & “Far Away”

01) “50K” (Clip)

02) “Hip Hop Power” (Clip)

03) “Beatdown” (Clip)

04) “Lazer Beam” (Clip)

05) “Far Away” feat. Will Bailey (Clip)

06) “Docutron” feat. Document One (Clip)

07) “Cyanide” feat. Wayne A (Clip)

08) “Depthcharger” feat. Will Bailey (Clip)

09) “Supercreep” (Clip)

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