Album Review / Alternative/Indie / Rock

Album Review: Portugal. The Man – Evil Friends [Indie//Rock]

Portugal. The Man - Evil Friends

Every once and a while we’re struck with an album that’s so on point it warrants a great deal of attention. This is one of those instances. Psychedelic rock band, Portugal. The Man can essentially always be counted on to deliver the goods. Their upbeat rock style fuses electronic, psychedelic and progressive elements in a way that leaves them incomparable to anyone. This is when you know a band is really on to something special. With albums on albums of incredible work, the Portland band shows no sign of slowing down. Evil Friends is sure to take you on an emotional journey, with ups and downs, hard-hitting guitar rhythms, and mesmerizing lyrics. This album will leave your head spinning and your brain begging for more.

Portugal. The Man Website // Soundcloud // Facebook

Portugal. The Man – Evil Friends Buy Album

Funkadelphia Picks: “Modern Jesus”, “Hip Hop Friends”, “Sea of Air” and “Someday Believers”

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