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Lorin (Bassnectar) – Dreamtempo Mix (FREE DL!!) [Downtempo//Glitch-Hop]

Bassnectar - Dreamtempo Mix

I think most of us associate the name Bassnectar with face-melting bass attacks. But for those who have been with him since the early years of his career, you know another side of Lorin that a lot of youngsters have yet to (and may never again) see. The king of bass dropped this gem on us, an old school mix, from 1999 if you can believe it! It’s appropriately titled the “Dreamtempo Mix” and features a wide array of music that I think Lorin classified best himself: “thick, heavy, hypnotic downtempo music: ethereal melodies, weird loops, funky acid jazz, trip-hop, and everything left field of center”. Lucky for us he dropped the mix for FREE, meaning once you give it a listen and it leaves you hypnotized, begging for more, you can quickly snag it up for your personal collection to take on the go.

Bassnectar Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Bassnectar (“Lorin”) – “Dreamtempo Mix” [1999] — FREE Download!!

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