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Vibe Fest Mixes – Archnemesis & Artifakts (FREE DL!!) [Glitch-Hop//Downtempo]

VibeFest Mixes

Last night the internet was host to one of the most amazing online shows to strike the world yet. Organized by Wisconsin producer Vibe Street whose lastest single, “Vengeance Mentality”, we recently shared- Vibe Fest held an eclectic lineup of producers from all over the country, featuring primarily glitch-hop and dubstep, with a special downtempo set from Artifakts. The lineup boasted many popular producers, including Archnemesis and Robotic Pirate Monkey, while also showing off the talents of plenty up and comers: T. Wilde, Vibe Street, Artifakts, B!unt Force and Krooked Drivers. Two of the artitst, Archnemsis and Artifakts, were generous enough to share their sets from the event if you were unlucky enough to miss out on this. Two completely different vibes, but both totally irresistible. Enjoy!

Archnemesis – “VibeFest Mix”

Artifakts – “Baps, Cuts & Downtempo (VibeFest Mix)” — FREE Download!!


3 thoughts on “Vibe Fest Mixes – Archnemesis & Artifakts (FREE DL!!) [Glitch-Hop//Downtempo]

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