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Album Review: Jack Deezl – Disillusion [Future Bass//Glitch]

Jack Deezl - Disillusion

It is with great pleasure that we present you with the brand spanking new album from Philadelphia producer Jack Deezl. Musician extraordinaire, he has been hard at work on this album for quite some time and the effort easily shines through. With an eclectic tracklist and incredibly versatile sound compilation, this album offers something for any music listener, and everything for the true music aficionado. It features plenty of Deezl’s classic heavy bass sound, but with a surplus of other genre-bending influences. Maybe you’re not down with the whole electronic movement, but we beg of you to not shrug off this album at such discrepancies. To highlight an example, “Longing” shows off an incredible instrumental performance, with slow-gliding synthwork followed up by progressively building guitar lines, and a beautifully put-together drum kit, before launching its listeners into a massive drumstep bass attack for the remainder of the track. Yet other tracks boast an even more experimental sound; “Aimless” serves as a minimal synthwave stylesque buildup for “This Will End” (the two tracks flow into one another perfectly), which delves into a mind-warping glitch/breakbeat sort of fusion that’ll leave your head spinning, and is easily comparable to the mighty Tipper‘s downtempo in its style and grace. And believe us, that’s just scratching the surface. So delve into the mind of Jack Deezl and let this album take you away, away to wherever your mind desires.

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Funkadelphia Picks: “This Will End”, “Longing” & “Since We Last Spoke”

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