Alternative/Indie / Downtempo/Minimal / Electronic / Future Bass / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul / Hip-Hop/Rap

Catching Flies & Ifan Dafydd – “Don’t Know How” (FREE DL!!) [Downtempo//Glitch]

Catching Flies

Catching Flies is a producer out of London who specializes in making  some really chilled out, really weird music. Crossing genres of breakbeat, glitch, hip-hop, and downtempo, he always brings out an interesting sound in his tracks. For this newest original, he teamed up with fellow UK producer Ifan Dafydd. Together the two producers bring together a slow, soulful tune that separates itself from anything else you’ve ever heard. Ready for some more good news? It’s all yours completely FREE! Enjoy!!

Catching Flies Soundcloud // BandCamp // Facebook // Twitter

Ifan Dafydd Facebook // Twitter

Catching Flies & Ifan Dafydd – “Don’t Know How” — FREE Download!!

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