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Album Review: Ecklipze – The Purge EP [Dubstep//Drumstep]

Ecklipze - The Purge EP

It is far too often that a lesser known artist flies under the radar or sometimes goes unnoticed simply due to the fact that they are just that: lesser known. But Canadian producer Ecklipze has shown time and time that he doesn’t care about such things and will continue to create massive head-banging worthy tunes until he gains the notoriety he truly deserves. With the release of his brand new The Purge EP, we see an increase in his production abilities, yet a clear consistency in his incredible compositions. The Great North has always been at the forefront of the dubstep game, giving birth to such artists as Excision, Datsik and Downlink, and we can only hope that this new EP from Ecklipze will continue to propel him to their level. The new EP features a diverse assortment of bass genres, still, all of them crunchy and destructive. Plenty of dubstep, plenty of drumstep, and a bit of trap, it’s the perfect combination for any bass head.

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Funkadelphia Picks: “Canadian Creatures”, “Purge” & “TVRNVP”

01) “Canadian Creatures”

02) “Blackout”

03) “Certified”

04) “Purge”

05) “TVRNVP”

06) “Congratulations! Welcome to the End”

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