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Lotus – “Cannon in the Heavens (feat. Lyrics Born)” & “Cloud 9 (feat. Doodlebug & Ras Arcane)” (FREE DLs!!) [Jamtronica//Hip-Hop]


Although indisputably nationally and even internationally recognized, Lotus still calls Philadelphia their origin and is always showing the city some serious love. So we thought with their new album Monk on the way, we’d do the same for the band. Consistently switching up their sound from album to album and even within certain albums, Lotus is one of the most diverse and recognizable forces in the jam scene. With this new album, they decided to team up with a series of hip-hop artists and revisit some of their older tracks,  changing up the original composition and bringing in these outside artists to add smooth hip-hop vocals. With their album dropping in just over a week, Lotus releaed the second single from the album today. We’ve got both for you here: the first, “Cannon in the Heavens”, you may recognize as featuring many of the original rhythms from their track “Golden Ghost”, although there are certainly audible differences, and of course the lyrical talents of Lyrics Born. The second track, “Cloud 9” features a completely original composition and vocals from Doodlebug and Ras Arcane. I know I’m loving both and I’m sure many of you will feel the same!

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Lotus – “Cloud 9 (feat. Doodlebug & Ras Arcane)” — FREE Download!!

Lotus – “Cannon in the Heavens (feat. Lyrics Born)” — FREE Download!!

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