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Gramatik – SB4 (FREE DL!!) [Hip-Hop//Breakbeat]

Gramatik - Street Bangerz 4

I apologize in advance for the slight delay in this one, but the saying goes “better late than never”, and this one is definitely worth some notice. In the off case that you missed it when it dropped, SB4 is a full-length FREE album that Gramatik dropped just this passed month. In the passed few years he’s begun to transition from less of a hip-hop based artist into more dubstep and glitch-hop based elements. However, this album is actually outtakes from his Street Bangerz album series, so it features many classic tracks that have yet to see the light of day, but that show off that more classically known hip-hop Gramatik style.

And be sure to keep your eyes out for Gramatik’s new album The Age of Reason, dropping this Fall!!

Gramatik Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Gramatik SB4 Direct Download [FREE!!]

Funkadelphia Picks: “Monster Stomp”, “East Coast”, “Clubby or Whatever” & “Sitar Chop”

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