Drum & Bass / Dubstep/Drumstep / Electro House / Electronic / Moombahton / Trap

Zomboy – Reanimated EP Pts. 1 & 2 [Dubstep//Bass]

Zomboy - Reanimated EP

It’s truly been a reckless Tuesday for incredible music releases. We’ve had so much today and it just keeps on coming. Now technically, half of this was released yesterday, but since this was a two part release, and they came out in successive days, this seemed appropriate. It’s the new Reanimated EP from Zomboy! He released Part 1 through his most frequent label, Never Say Die Records, and Part 2 today through No Tomorrow Records. Zomboy stays true to his dark, aggressive bass skills on the first part, laying out two dubstep/drumstep tracks with expertise, before delving into more electro and trap influenced tunes in the second part of the EP. I’m going to say, stick to Part 1, but maybe you’re feeling adventurous, and the final drop in “Bad Intentions” is actually quite destructive.

Zomboy Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Funkadelphia Picks: “Terror Squad” & “Bad Intentions”

Zomboy – Reanimated Pt. 1 EP — Buy EP

Zomboy – Reanimated Pt. 2 EP — Buy EP

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