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Album Review: Figure – Monsters of Drumstep Vol. 4 + 2 FREE DLs!! [Dubstep//Drumstep]

Figure - Monsters of Drumstep Vol 4

It’s been about a full year since the last Monsters of Drumstep, and our mouths have been watering in anticipation ever since. Figure is a true master of “drumstep”, fast-paced dubstep, whatever you choose to call it. His style is unmatched and non-replicated. Plus with Halloween just around the corner, there’s no album that could be more appropriate for the holiday of ghosts, ghouls and monsters. With each album in the series, Figure’s production seems to get tighter and the bass attack gets more intense, in the very best possible way. This album is chocked full of face-melting drops, relentless BPM switch-ups, frightening samples, and overall bass madness. Not to mention appearances from one of our other heavy bass attackers Helicopter Showdown and some lyrically winding talents from Philly’s own Khadafi Dub. Thirteen brand new tracks (couldn’t have picked a better number myself), plus the already FREE released “Childs Play” makes this album the biggest Monsters release to date, both in track quantity and sound delivery. Turn those speakers up, and when you get to max volume, figure out a way to keep going. You can’t blast this album loud enough, you just can’t.

And be sure to catch Figure on tour with Crizzly this Fall and Winter, including a stop in Philly November 30th!!

Figure Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Figure – Monsters of Drumstep Vol. 4Buy Album

Funkadelphia Picks: “The Blob”, “Childs Play” & “The Devil”

08) “Living Dead” — FREE Download!!

14) “Childs Play” — FREE Download!!

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