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Rekoil – FREEKOIL (3 New FREE DLs!!) [Dubstep//Drumstep]

969121_568858983172075_1242506884_nBaltimore producer and DJ Rekoil is always making some serious noise. It’s clear he has a true love for what he does because he’s always working on some fresh new music for the fans, and constantly giving it away just to spread the music. Well recently he released a few remixes for FREE, each given a serious dosage of bass. He may be young but don’t let that fool you; Rekoil has had some serious training, having spun with some of the biggest names, putting his tracks out on one of the most aggressive bass labels around these days, Firepower Records, and always keeping well-reserved in his demeanor. I’m sure Rekoil knows just how hard he can dish it out, he just doesn’t feel a need to gloat about it. And he certainly knows how to treat his fans right: THREE FREE new tracks!!

Rekoil Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Lisa Miskovsky – “Still Alive (Rekoil Remix)” — FREE Download!!

Cookie Monsta & Funtcase – “Atom Bomb (Rekoil Remix)” — FREE Download!!

Subscape – “Screw Up (Rekoil’s Drumstep Bootleg)” — FREE Download!!

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