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Dylan Owen – “My Name Is Dylan (Freestyle)” + FREE Bonus!! [Hip-Hop//Rap]

Dylan+Owen+291174_451443628232604_2260994I’ve always felt hip-hop is a genre that we far under represent on the website. But lately we’ve been really trying to change that tune, because hip-hop, especially when done with enough soul and skill, can exhibit serious talent. We recently shared the new Cas One album with our own interview, and today we have some more great hip-hop from a more local rapper. Dylan Owen was initially based out of New Jersey when we became familiar with him, now residing in his original hometown of New York City. He’s tend to have a pretty mellow approach, but his beats are always complex, heavily instrumental and beautifully constructed. His flow is just as impressive and he introduces attentive rhymes that truly help to bring a breath of fresh air to hip-hop. He just dropped a new freestyle, called “My Name Is Dylan” to further promote his upcoming album which is still in the works. The freestyle only further demonstrates Dylan’s lyrical skills and even the most wary of hip-hop fan is sure to be impressed.

Dylan Owen Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Dylan Owen – “My Name Is Dylan (Freestyle)”


Plus grab a FREE download of Dylan’s most recent single, “Window Seat”!!

Dylan Owen – “Window Seat” — Direct Download [FREE!!]

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