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Album Review: SunSquabi – Fundamental Interaction (FREE DL!!) [Jam//Jamtronica]

artworks-000063237983-vi2gpd-t500x500SunSquabi is a powerful up and coming jamtronica out of Boulder, Colorado. The entire Colorado music movement has become saturated with quality musicians and acts that challenge the incorporation of live instrumentation into electronic music. After an extensive period of fans indicating disgruntlement with the increased number of “button pushers” taking the stage, it is truly refreshing to see acts with large live instrument involvement taking the stages once again. SunSquabi takes full advantage of this concept, creating a massively rock driven sound that still manages to incorporate a large amount of electronic elements to create a fusion that lands their sound somewhere in the spectrum between STS9 and Zoogma. Their latest album, Fundamental Interaction, is designed to be a “musical interpretation of the fundamental processes within matter, and how those interactions are mirrored in our own lives” according to the album’s page. It is divided into three sections, each section taking on a different process: nuclear force, magnetism and gravity. In this way it seems to be a conceptual album like that of Papadosio‘s recent album T.E.T.I.O.S., however SunSquabi relies more heavily on the actual nature and sound of their music than the album’s concept and development. Fundamental Interaction makes it stand through mesmerizing guitar and bass lines intertwining themselves over building drum beats that give their tracks a, more often than not, electronic composition structure. Synth and keyboard samples worm their way on to each track giving them listening a haunting, yet still minimal, awareness of the electronic background the album holds. This is certainly an act to keep your eyes on and I would risk the proclamation that they’re probably a truly fun live act to catch. So here’s to more SunSquabi music and the hopes that they continue serving music goods as nice as this album. It’s one final plus that the entire album is available as a FREE download!!

SunSquabi Soundcloud // BandCamp // Facebook // Twitter

SunSquabi Fundamental Interaction FREE Download!!

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