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Cherub – Antipasto EP [Synthpop//Electronic]

artworks-000064893742-4acao6-t500x500There’s something delightfully irresistible about Cherub. Maybe it’s the confident and unwavering vocals Jordan Kelley provides over each flashy yet undeniably original track, or perhaps it’s the way the Nashville duo smashes together modern synth lines with classically-inspired bass riffs, and even still it might just be the juxtaposition of the group’s alluring feel good sound against Kelley’s rough-around-the-edges bittersweet lyrics. Either way the result is absolutely infatuating, and, at times, even empowering. Cherub provides the kind of pick me up to your day that you might just find in the “Doses & Mimosas” from their hit single. Maybe it was just the right timing, but I would like to think that Cherub put together their new, four-track Antipasto EP as a special holiday treat for all their fans. Along with the aforementioned song (which was previously released), the EP also two brand new originals, including the enchanting groove “Lifesaver”, as well as a “Doses & Mimosas” remix from an equally talented electronic/pop duo, The Knocks. All I want for Christmas is some damn good music.

Cherub Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Cherub Antipasto EP Buy on iTunes

Funkadelphia Pick: “Lifesaver” (and yes, “Doses & Mimosas” if you haven’t heard it yet!)

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