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Album Review: ProJect Aspect – Hyperspace (FREE DL!!) [Glitch-Hop//Bass]


Despite various claims and opinions, it seems quite clear that bass music is far from dead. In fact, it seems to be thriving more than ever, reaching its arms deep into every possible realm of electronic music. Over the last few years we’ve seen the genre progress at an accelerating rate, with producers pulling out their biggest guns and most astounding production. Colorado based (although native to North Carolina) ProJect Aspect made his way on to the map with his debut album, Put the World on Hold, in 2011 before going on to join 1320 Records, a label just as inspired as ProJect Aspect himself. Now, three albums later, we find the young producer still just as inspired and only further demonstrating his technical skill. His newest release, Hyperspace, just hit the world and its sure to fill any bass head with glee. Delving mostly into glitch-hop, Hyperspace features deep, minimally altering bass lines covered with innumerable layers of exceptional synth work. The addition of live guitar instrumentation by Aspect himself on the majority of tracks brings an additional pinch of funk to a lot of these tracks. It only gets better and better with the news that the entire album is all yours FREE over on 1320 Records’ website. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to kick off 2014 right with what will surely be one of the best electronic albums of the year.

Download the Hyperspace LP — FREE Download!!

Stream the FULL ALBUM HERE!!

And don’t forget to checkout the “Hyperspace Mixtape”, also available as a FREE download!!

ProJect Aspect – Soundcloud // BandCamp // Facebook // Twitter

ProJect Aspect – “Extra Fly” [Stream the FULL ALBUM HERE!!]

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