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Billy Van & Danny Olson – Convergence EP (“A Year of Free Songs” FREE DL!!) [Dubstep//Bass]


This is something truly new and exciting. Don’t believe me? Well allow me to explain: this year producer Billy Van is taking on the massive project of releasing a new EP each month. Not only that, but with each EP he will collaborate with different artists on the release. That’s right, the Convergence EP, which features additional input from film composer Danny Olson, is just the first of a 12 part EP series to be released throughout 2014. And as Danny Olson is a film composer, that influence is shown appropriately here, giving these tracks- all of which still maintain plenty of bass impact- a flavor or orchestral epicness. So delve in, and be sure to check back each month for the next installment in this incredible series. Outside influences will range from pop singers to jam bands and all across the in between. And yes, all twelve EPs will all be FREE thanks to Billy himself!

Billy Van Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Billy Van & Danny Olson Convergence EP Direct Download [FREE!!]

Funkadelphia Picks: “Launch Point”, “Titan March” & “Cumulus”

Plus checkout the official announcement video from Billy himself explaining the project:

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