Downtempo/Minimal / Electronic / Rock

Tycho – “Montana” [Downtempo//Ambient]


Scott Hansen has been putting a lot of efforts into his artistic endeavors for some time now, whether it be through his graphic design projects under the pseudonym  ISO50, or through instrumentally based electronic production under the moniker Tycho. Recently, with the release of his latest album, Dive, (stream the full album HERE) in 2011, Scott put together a three-piece touring group to properly bring his musical vision to life. The resulting tour was an incredible performance, washed out by Hansen’s own ISO50 visuals being project across the band throughout the performance. Nearly three years later we have our first glimpse into what Scott and the Tycho boys have been up to in their time off: “Montana”, the first single off their newly announced album, to be titled Awake and released March 18th of this year. If ever there was a track to let yourself sink into on a chilly Winter day, this is the one.

Tycho Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Tycho – “Montana” — Buy on iTunes

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