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Album Review: Gramatik – The Age of Reason (FREE DL!!) [Glitch-Hop//Electro Soul]


After a series of postponements on the release of his latest album, New York based producer and musician Gramatik has finally hit the world with his latest creation: The Age of Reason. After a highly successful Fall Tour, which left many fans foaming at the mouth for this album, Denis Jasarevic (Gramatik) returned to the studio to put the final touches on his tenth- let me say that again: TENTH- full-length album, a midst EPs and other releases. The result shows a collision of Gramatik’s two most present sound styles: his older hip-hop and funk, more instrumentally-based tracks, versus his more recent, sample and loop heavy, electronically-based tracks. The album’s opening track, “Brave Men” is a perfect testament, opening with a smooth guitar line that quickly builds over a mellow, yet funky bass line; this is all, of course, before the radical change-up Gramatik manages to so steadily slam across the track just about 4 minutes into the song, landing the listener, suddenly in the midst of a glitch heavy bass onslaught. And just as the opening track brings a somewhat rapid crescendo, so does the album’s second track. The next few tracks land us in the middle of dancing glory, attributable to much more recent influences. Gramatik covers some unknown territory for himself here, delving into electro and moombahton a bit more than we have yet to see him. But it’s not long before he settles back into his electro-soul and glitch-hop ways, dropping unpredictable synth lines over irresistible guitar lines.  The end of the album settles back into more basic hip-hop instrumentals; chill and grooving, the album is brought to its perfect end.

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Gramatik – The Age of Reason FREE Download!!

Funkadelphia Picks: “Brave Men”, “No Turning Back” & “It’s Just a Ride”

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