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Dodge & Fuski – Stop What You’re Doing EP [Glitch-Hop//Bass]


It seems UK duo Dodge & Fuski is never satisfied enough to take a break. They are constantly working on new turns and churning out new releases. Brand new today we have the new Stop What You’re Doing EP from the Never Say Die Records artist; although, this EP was released through Disciple Recordings. After an extremely funky, but still bass heavy, glitch-hop remix of “Ninja Challenge” on the Never Say Die Fifty compilation, it’s not too surprising the two producers wanted to experiment more with the genre. And this new EP does just that. A completely different side of Dodge & Fuski than we’ve yet to hear, Stop What You’re Doing is refreshing, interesting, loaded with bass, and plenty funky. There’s really just absolutely nothing to complain about here.

Dodge & Fuski Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Dodge & Fuski – Stop What You’re Doing EP Buy on Beatport

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