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Album Review: ill-esha – Open Heart Surgery (FREE DL!!) [Glitch-Hop//Future Bass]


ill-esha is, unfortunately, one of those names I really feel doesn’t receive enough recognition. Don’t get me wrong, she’s certainly had some spotlight times. But the Canadian producer and singer has been shaking the world with her beats for over a decade now. At least we can rest assured, anyone that’s been on the map a while certainly knows her name.

Today her new album, Open Heart Surgery, hit the world. The album shows a unique perspective on future bass music, covering classically inspired breakbeats with an array of synth-induced harmonies and dub inspired bass frequencies. As always, ill-esha melds her own vocals into each track, deepening the haunting atmosphere of the album.

There seems to be a lot of West Coast inspiration here, but from a lot of different angles too. “New Beginnings” shows off a deep bass dubstep inspired sound, while “High Voltage Storms” delves into a mess of glitched-out rhythms reminiscent of Headtron artists or even Brainfeeder, and the album’s later tracks give off a soulful, downtempo sound. “Acid crunk” or “acid trap” is probably about as close as you’re going to get to describing this album. Props to Gravitas Records on this one, FREE download as always.

ill-esha – Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

ill-esha – Open Heart Surgery FREE Download!!

Funkadelphia Picks: “Happiness Is Lonely”, “Open Heart Surgery” & “High Voltage Storms”

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