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Funkadelphia Exclusive: DJ HadjiBeats (feat. DreNasty) – “Jabba Ranks” (FREE DL!!) [Glitch-Hop//Bass]


It’s been a while since we’ve had some exclusive material for you guys, but rest assured we’ll have a whole lot more coming at you soon. This is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak,  but don’t let that fool you, because the whole iceberg is filled with quality top to bottom. DJ HadjiBeats has been making his way through the Philadelphia scene for some time now, delving into a spread of electronic production ranging from dubstep, to drum & bass, to techno, while also keeping plenty of overlap. This new track, “Jabba Ranks” features DreNasty, another local producer. It starts off with a foot-tapping breakbeat pattern before introducing some real deep bass hinged on an effective wobble pattern. The result is a minimally dubbed out track that’s hard to keep your head from bobbing along to. This is just the first single off DJ HadjiBeats’ forthcoming Brokenbeat Phenomena EP too, so keep those eyes peeled!

And remember, this is a Funkadelphia exclusive, so you can get it nowhere else, but Funkadelphia!

DJ HadjiBeats Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

DJ HadjiBeats (feat. DreNasty) – “Jabba Ranks” — FREE Download!!

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