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Album Review: Dimond Saints (An-Ten-Nae & Releece) – Shingetsu Chapter I: The Rising (FREE DL!!) [Trap//Future Bass]


Once again, it’s always interesting to check in with the progress of producers who have been in the game for quite some time now. An-Ten-Nae certainly fits this criteria, having been a forerunner in trap music since 2008 (yeah, some of our readers are thinking “trap in 2008? I’m confused…” right now, but that’s okay). Having self-labeled his style “acid crunk”, An-Ten-Nae has garnered his own unique sound resulting in a massive outward influence on an array of other prominent producers. This influence can be heard through other producer’s music, and, conversely, the inspiration of other producer’s music can be heard through his.

Of course, the style is undeniably geared toward a West Coast ear. So naturally, An-Ten-Nae teamed up with fellow Oakland producer, Releece for his next project. Together the two come together to form Dimond Saints, a newly founded production team. In fact, Shingetsu Chapter I: The Rising is the debut release from the duo, and it’s certainly quite impressive. The supposed “acid crunk” fuses together elements of minimal and post-dubstep, with aspects of trap to create an extremely deep sound ranging somewhere in the vicinity of deep trap or glitch-hop. Perhaps “acid crunk” should remain the go-to terminology here; there isn’t much of a better way to describe it.

The album includes six original compositions as well as three remixes, including tracks from the likes of Lorde, Florence + The Machineand  Jaymes Young.

Dimond Saints Facebook

An-Ten-Nae Website // Soundcloud  // Facebook // Twitter

Releece Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Dimond Saints – Shingetsu Chapter I: The Rising FREE Download!!

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2 thoughts on “Album Review: Dimond Saints (An-Ten-Nae & Releece) – Shingetsu Chapter I: The Rising (FREE DL!!) [Trap//Future Bass]

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