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DJ Abilities – “The Blends” (FREE DL!!) [Hip-Hop//Bass]


In all honesty, this is actually close to two weeks old now, but when I finally cranked this mix up this morning, my jaw was on the floor faster than my brain could even process the destruction being laid on to the turntables. This mix is perfect for just about any music lover, whether your jam be hip-hop, dance music, rock or whatever else, you can trust that DJ Abilities has you covered. The Rhymesayers Entertainment disc jockey has always been a master of the art, but “The Blends” mix shows a level of turntablism rarely heard anymore. In just the first fifteen minutes he utilizes tracks from Beck, Bassnectar, Pink Floyd, the Wu-Tang Clan, Modest Mouse, Big Pun, the Beastie BoysMiMoSA, the Talking Heads, and Nas.

This is also partially good to bring up, because you can catch DJ Abilities, performing live at the 2014 Infrasound Music Festival. You can be sure to catch us there, and definitely rocking out to DJ Abilities- this mix solidified that.

DJ Abilities Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

DJ Abilities – “The Blends” — FREE Download!!

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