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Ficture – Roads to Everywhere [Downtempo//Ambient]


I’m not sure what comes to mind for you when you think of Slovakia, but for some reason this album really seems to be able to take me there. The deep rhythms and haunting melodies of Slovakian producer Ficture cry of sky-bound mountains, a cold mist rolling through, snow wavering down from the sky. This album, I imagine, is close to what you might get if you put Emancipator in a studio with the set mission of producing an ambient music/downtempo album.

Roads to Everywhere is almost an anomaly in itself, meticulously electronic, yet strikingly organic. Drum rhythms are carefully constructed, bringing a live sound, while layers of sound design still seep into the lower ranges of the album’s tracks. The album is ambient and downtempo in structure, but you can find influences here from jazz (“I Let It”) and trip-hop (“The Knee”, “Take Them”) among others.

Grab the album as a digital download, or you can grab a physical copy and receive an exclusive Ficture rework of Eskmo‘s, “We Have Invisible Friends”. All physical orders must be done through:

Ficture Soundcloud // Facebook

Ficture – Roads to Everywhere Buy on iTunes // Buy on Beatport

Funkadelphia Picks: “Take Them”, “Camels Came” & “The Knee”

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