Dubstep/Drumstep / Electro House / Electronic / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul / Trap

Helicopter Showdown – The Oak in the Acorn (FREE DL!!) [Dubstep//Bass]


Helicopter Showdown has always been a go to me for when it comes to satisfying my need for unrelenting waves of bass attacks. Today, the destructive California trio gives us their latest project: The Oak in the Acorn LP. This album comes with plenty of that grimy Heli Showdown sound design we’ve all come to love, while also incorporating plenty of the group’s latest inspirations. You also get a hooplah of incredible collabs, so don’t cheat yourself. The track’s range from the mellow, hip-hop based intro and outro, to cataclysmic dubstep blasts, to trap infused broken beats, a little bit of glitch-hop, and a little bit of electro; it’s all here. So turn up those speakers, and let the bass rain down upon you!

Helicopter Showdown Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Helicopter Showdown – The Oak in the Acorn FREE Download!!

Funkadelphia Picks: “Boil the Oceans”, “Kids Hit the Brink” & “Crowns for Credit”

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