Downtempo/Minimal / Electronic / Jazz/Funk / Reggae

wAgAwAgA – Dhunadh Dubs [Glitch//Bass]


wAgAwAgA has minimal presence on the internet, but his beats are so strange, they boil down to pure fascination, which is simply irresistible. With his new album, Dhunadh Dubs, wAgAwAga surely does take on a dub-based approach, but through a purely unique lens, intersecting overwhelming bass swells with rapid, off-tempo drum kits and sound design. A healthy dose of reggae dub also peeks through. Each track is impossible to pause, developing an inescapable journey beginning to end.

wAgAwAgA Bandcamp

wAgAwAgA – Dhunadh Dubs Buy on Bandcamp

Funkadelphia Picks: “Surfs Up Money Deh”, “TwiceRound” & “Jakhu Dub”

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