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Album Review: Tycho – Awake [Electronica//Ambient]


A few years ago a close friend introduced me to Tycho, and I can’t thank him enough. Scott Hansen has been steadily bringing his impact to the art world through his music (under the alias Tycho) and visual art (under the alias iso50). One glance at iso50’s artwork, and just a few moments into any Tycho track, you can see and/or hear the dedication and passion Hansen is consistently pushing into his work.

I love dance music, I absolutely do. However, it’s important, I believe, to remember how many electronic artists are out there pushing the boundaries of what electronic music can be beyond the confines of dance music. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t to detract from dance producers. Instead, it’s simply to say, it’s worth giving a chance to those musicians  who are using these electronic elements to only further build the complexity and beauty of their compositions.

While Tycho’s new album, Awake, doesn’t see an official release until March 18th, Hansen is giving us a chance to wrap our minds in the warm blanket of this new record. The album is now up for FREE stream in its entirety. Electronic elements are impossible to miss, but so are the organic elements of live instrumentation applied to each track. This application can only be further seen in Tycho’s live performance, which features Hansen as well as two other touring members surrounded with a plethora of instruments, washed over with a beautifully constructed iso50 visualizer. You honestly might find yourself forgetting that this music is electronic at all, and I think that’s the real beauty. The drum tracks are unmistakably generated by human hand and guitar lines echo endlessly.

It’s tough to rank Tycho’s work in terms of effectiveness, especially in comparison to itself, so I’m not even going to bother to try. That being said, if you find yourself tapping your foot or nodding your head along to the record, I strongly urge you to press yourself deeper into the past works of Tycho. Awake, like previous albums, paints a beautiful landscape with every track. Each song seems to represent not an idea, but more of a moment in time or a piece of beautiful scenery.

Tycho Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Tycho – Awake Buy the Album [Digital/CD/Vinyl]

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