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Skrillex – Recess (Full Album Stream) + Tour Announcement [Bass//Electronic]


Let’s talk Skrillex. One of the hardest parts for me in thinking about this article was how to label this album. Sure, for a lot of us “dubstep” immediately jumps to mind when we hear the name “Skrillex”, but this album looks to completely change that connotation. Now, for those of you who love that massive, spastic Skrillex dubstep sound, don’t be deterred, because there’s still plenty for you here. But it should also be noted that there’s plenty here for any electronic lover.

Sonny Moore (Skrillex) has been the butt of a lot of jokes and “haters” the passed few years, but I think that even if it wasn’t already coming to a close, it will now. While Recess doesn’t hit the world for official release until March 18th, yesterday Electrokill Media gave us an exclusive look into this wondrous and diverse record. The album covers everything from dubstep and drumstep, to downtempo- including the particularly glitchy “Doompy Poomp”- to electro house to trap to hip-hop.

Skrillex fans can rest happy. Skrillex haters, well you might just be upset, because there’s simply no reason to hate any longer.

Skrillex Website // Soundcloud  // Facebook // Twitter

Skrillex – Recess Buy on iTunes

Funkadelphia Picks: “Ragga Bomb”, “Fuck That” & “Doompy Poomp”

In conjunction with releasing the free stream, Skrillex also made the announcement for his next upcoming tour. You can check out full dates below:


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