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G Jones – “Live at Low End Theory [02.26.2014]” (FREE DL!!) [Dubstep//Trap]


I first became familiar with G Jones through several collaborations with one of the West’s finest, Minnesota (you’d think he’d be from the Midwest with that name though, am I right?) I find this somewhat ironic, considering that I stumbled upon this bumping set once again because of Minnesota. But we’re not here to talk about Minnesota- although if you’re unfamiliar with the man, I urge you to familiarize yourself- we’re here to talk G Jones.

Back in February, G Jones stepped into Low End Theory‘s studio to crank out this nasty set, and it turned out, well nasty (that’s “nasty” in its most positive connotation). For all you progressive bassheads, this set should land you in euphoria. It starts off with some thumping trap, but quickly spreads its roots, covering plenty of deep dub noise and some of that swinging glitch-hop you can’t help but feel like a bit of a gangster listening to. Low End Theory has always been pushing some of the most intellectual and progressive electronic producers out there, so for those of you familiar with their work, that should be testament enough. For those of you who haven’t heard all that Low End Theory has to offer, this is the perfect introduction.

The mix features 100% original production from G Jones, including a few collabs. FREE download? You betcha. The full setlist is also available below the player if you’re feeling the urge to snag any of the individual tracks for your personal enjoyment (FREE downloads and purchase links provided where available). The set is, however, dominated with unreleased and forthcoming tracks, so don’t get frustrated looking for those untitled ones.

G Jones Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

G Jones – “Live at Low End Theory [02.26.2014]” — FREE Download!!


01) G Jones – “When I’m on the Block” [Unreleased]
02) Doshy & G Jones – [Untitled]
03) The Widdler & G Jones – “Diamonds on My Neck” [Unreleased]
04) Minnesota & G Jones – “Thunderdome” [Unreleased]
05) G Jones – “Vanishing Point” — Buy on Bandcamp
06) G Jones – “Ring the Alarm” [Unreleased]
07) Mad Zach & G Jones – “Spontaneity” [Unreleased]
08) G Jones – “Heerlen Beat” [Unreleased]
09) G Jones – “Pixel” [Unreleased]
10) G Jones – “Running” [Unreleased]
11) G Jones – “Lowrider” [Forthcoming on Saturate! Records]
12) G Jones & Bleep Bloop – “Phalanges” — FREE Download!!
13) Doshy & G Jones – “Ghetto Bird” — Buy on Bandcamp
14) Doshy & G Jones – [Untitled]
15) Minnesota & G Jones – [Untitled]

*And if you liked that, you can check out more from the other producers here:

Minnesota Funkadelphia Features // Soundcloud

Doshy // The Widdler // Mad Zach // Bleep Bloop

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