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P0gman – “Bounce” (FREE DL!!) [Dubstep//Bass]


Of course I love electronic music because I genuinely love the music. But there’s a few reasons electronic music draws my attention in a unique way: 1) constant flow of releases (you just don’t see this from bands, who have to devote hours to get into the studio together and record new material), and 2) the artists are- in many cases- extremely active with and thankful for their fans. I bring this up because UK producer P0gman just dropped this new track, “Bounce”, as a thank you to his fans for getting his Facebook page up to 20,000 “Likes”. 

If you’re at all familiar with P0gman, you probably recognize him for the OG that he is and the constant dedication he’s had to his music. He’s been there since the beginning, and while we’ve seen even some of the greatest producers come and go from the dubstep genre, P0gman always keeps on keeping on. It’s clear that this is what he loves to make, and so, he will continue to make it.

P0gman Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

P0gman – “Bounce” — FREE Download!!

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