ArtHaus: Equinoctial Ecosystems @ Underground Arts (Black Box) feat. SKGB, Speaker for the Dead, Lazerfeet, Samwas & John Morrison + More!! [Fri. 03.21–21+]


Underground Arts seems like it’s on just a bit of a mission to takeover the city. Alternatively, the real thing to take away from this might just be that this is one of the best venues Philly has to offer, and the scene is starting to really catch on. Psy.Fi Productions is no group of youngins; these guys have been flexing their influence throw exceptional event on top of exceptional event for quite some time now. It seems that they too, have found some real hospitality and atmosphere at Underground Arts.

No matter how you want to look at it, the venue has been boasting some of the most intellectually driven events this city has ever seen. Last week we were there for the Harmony of Spheres featuring Skytree and Spankalicious, a show that offered its audience so much more than music. And here we are again, different promotion company, different group of artists, but still a show that’s truly pushing the envelope of what the live electronic experience can be. 

ArtHaus: Equinoctial Ecosystems boasts a jaw-dropping lineup of musicians, all local, ranging from the retro chiptune anthems of SKGB, to the deeply bassed out rhythms of Speaker for the Dead, to the subtle, yet hypnotizing beats of samwas. We’re just getting started though. On top of the heavy arsenal of Philly producers, the event also offers its audience a much more detailed experience beyond the music. So what all does the night have in store for you should you attend (which you should!)? Aerial performers, live painting, digital 3D mapping, and body painting, as well as the promise that the event, “still [has] more in store for you”. You can view the full list of performers, no matter their forte, on the official event page HERE.

I think it should also be noted that this event serves a very proactive and positive purpose as well. It’s the first in what will become a group of events from Psy.Fi devoted to giving back the group’s own inspirations and passions to Philadelphia public school students. The event will mark the planting of seeds for a new, non-profit sector of Psy.Fi, referred to as ArtHaus.

Event Page // Psy.Fi Productions // Underground Arts

SRGB – Untitled Album FREE Download!!

Speaker for the Dead – Rogue Leader EP FREE Download!!

samwas – Ekaggata FREE Download!!

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