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Joe Ford – “Neon” + Bonus!! [Drum & Bass//Glitch-Hop]


The UK has been a huge leader in some of the most massive glitch-hop driven tracks on the market. With acts like KOAN Sound, Culprate, and more recently, Dodge & Fuski, our overseas brothers are constantly pushing the applications of the glitch sound to heavy bass music. Another name that has been working his way up the charts is Joe Ford, who is trying his own hand at the sound and doing so with great success. “Neon” is his latest single, now streaming on Shogun Audio‘s soundcloud, and available for purchase March 23rd. You can check back then for a link to purchase this incredible track, but for now, it’s enough to just revel in its complexity.

Joe Ford Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Joe Ford – “Neon” [Released March 23rd]


The single release contains a second track containing the glorious vocals of Tasha Baxter. Be sure to grab both these when the single drops, and keep your eyes out for the vinyl release, April 7th!!

Joe Ford (feat. Tasha Baxter) – “The Moment”

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