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Never Say Die Records – Black Label Vol. 1 + FREE Bonus Mix!! [Dubstep//Bass]


When dubstep was first coming into being it was definitely the black sheep of electronic music. All the people bouncing around to hardstyle, house and whatever else were constantly complaining about how it was just a compilation of random noise set to an unpleasing beat. Years later, the genre is accepted and constantly growing, but it has also evolved quite a bit. With its fusion into the “electronic dance music” world, many artists and labels have begun to subscribe to that fusion, releasing and playing bass music of all genres.

Never Say Die Records is one of the original bass labels, and while it’s a bit sad to say, they’re also one of the few staying true to their roots. The label is satisfied with nothing else but hard-hitting, deep and growling dubstep that is a constant reminder of where the genre came from. With this new short compilation, Black Label Vol. 1, Never Say Die has enlisted some of the genres most notable and impressive names. All these guys are still doing dubstep in its truest form, and doing it with complete prowess. If you feel a need to satisfy a need for that dark, aggressive dubstep that is too often forgotten these days, fear not, because here’s four tracks sure to satisfy that exact desire.

Never Say Die Records Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Trampa // Bar9 // Megalodon // D-Jahsta // Bukez Finezt // Jam PRD

Never Say Die Records – Black Label Vol. 1 Buy on Beatport

Funkadelphia Picks: “Gas Tank” & “NEXUS-6”


Never Say Die also released this massive new mix, “NSD Vol.54”, which features over an hour of crunchy tunes, including all four tracks from the new release. You can grab the mix as a whole as  FREE download, as well as each of the four parts- mixed by Bar9, D-Jahsta, Trampa & Bukez Finezt respectively- also as FREE downloads separately!

Bar9/D-Jahsta/Trampa/Bukez Finezt – “NSD Vol.54” — FREE Download!!

Bar9 – “NSD Vol.54 (Part 1)” — FREE Download!!

D-Jahsta – “NSD Vol.54 (Part 2)” — FREE Download!!

Trampa – “NSD Vol.54 (Part 3)” — FREE Download!!

Bukez Finezt – “NSD Vol.54 (Part 4)” — FREE Download!!

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