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Barron – Trouble Maker EP [Dubstep//Bass]


Yesterday we shared the Black Label Vol. 1 EP by Never Say Die Records, commending it for its tribute to the old school, dark, aggressive dub that helped develop the genre’s roots. Today I have another EP for you guys in a similar light. Firepower Records is constantly putting forth new material, but all across the board. They seem to be able to take on anything from the heart-attack inducing violent rhythms of drumstep, the dark growling dub that was coming out of the UK in its early years, and even a more mellow approach to the genre. But the brand new Trouble Maker EP from Barron falls surely into the second category. The Baltimore DJ and producer has been making waves for a while now, and this new release makes it an easy task to see why. Make sure you’ve got the sub turned all the way up for this one.

Barron Soundcloud // Facebook

Barron – Trouble Maker EP Buy on Beatport

Funkadelphia Picks: “A Thousand Souls (feat. Rekoil)”, “Rowdy Again (feat. Gravity)” & “Fat Bitch”

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