Downtempo/Minimal / Electronic / Hip-Hop/Rap

ScooterJinx – Brotherwoods (FREE Album!!) [Downtempo//Minimal]


Boston might not be a city name heavy in circulation when talking about largely musical cities, but that’s a bit of a lame excuse for sweeping it under the rug. The Northeastern city is home to some of Funkadelphia’s favorite, and most progressive electronic artists, including Supersillyus (also one half of Schlang) among others. Today I have the debut album from another forward-thinking Boston producer, ScooterJinx. Charley Ruddell’s (ScooterJinx) music is a combination of hip-hop, post-dubstep, downtempo and minimal elements, strung together and melded with haunting vocals on every track.

After releasing the first single, “Am I Speaking Alone”, about a week ago, ScooterJinx is now ready to unveil the full record, Brotherwoods. The whole album is available for FREE download, which makes it inexcusable to neglect this one regardless of taste. This album is good for just about anytime, whether you’re relaxing with friends, trying to study, or even just trying something to fill that empty gap of silence as you attempt to fall asleep on a restless night.

For more ScooterJinx, also check out his Gravebangers Ball EP HERE!

ScooterJinx Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

ScooterJinx – Brotherwoods FREE Download!!

Funkadelphia Picks: “We Never Left”, “Stomping Grounds” & “Repeat Thru”

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