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Funkadelphia Presents: It’s Always Sunny in Funkadelphia | FREE DL!!

Front & Back Covers

Album artwork by Megan Donnelly

There’s a few cities that always seem to jump to people’s minds when talking about musical powerhouses: Chicago, New York, Austin, Los Angeles. Philadelphia has always been nipping at the heels of these other cities, and in the passed few years we’ve seen the electronic scene here in our hometown begin to explode and expand faster than we could have ever imagined.

Funkadelphia was founded just over two years ago now, and it’s honestly incredible to me recalling that amount of time, because it seems like its been so much longer. We owe all the success and fun we’ve been having over those two years to all the artists who have supported us, and of course, all our readers and supporters.

March 20th is the first day of Spring, and hopefully, we can finally say goodbye to all this nasty weather we’ve been having. It also seems like the perfect time to drop our biggest gift back to our fans to date. It’s Always Sunny in Funkadelphia is that gift. We’ve teamed up with a massive group of artists, all of which have been featured here on Funkadelphia in the past. The compilation features 19 exclusive tracks- 17 of which come from producers in Philadelphia or the greater Philadelphia area- all of which are previously unreleased. This means you can hear them here, and here alone.

Of course, all of these tracks are electronic based, but there’s an incredible amount of diversity here as always. We’ve got a group of tracks from the future-thinking Glitch Squad and Psy.Fi Productions artists, as well as the first ever release from Astroglyph, a side project of producers Face Plant and Hop, plus plenty of independent producers in between as well. Then you’ve got Mars Pluto representing Texas and Vibe Street repping Colorado. The majority of these tracks feature not only truly unique production, but also a heavy-hand of live instrumentation and instrumental sampling. Just about any genre you can think of is covered here from glitch, to hip-hop, to dubstep, downtempo, glitch-hop, breakcore, electro soul, and even acid.

I hope you’d expect no less from us, but not only can you stream the entire compilation in the player below, but you can also grab the entire album as a FREE download so you can take it wherever you go.

Funkadelphia – Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Official Sponsors – Glitch Squad [Facebook] // Psy.Fi Productions [Facebook]

Funkadelphia – It’s Always Sunny in Funkadelphia FREE Download!!

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