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Ludge – Sic EP (FREE DL!!) [Glitch-Hop//Breaks]


Here’s some more Philly love for you guys. Local producer Ludge has been quiet for a bit now, but it seems all that time was spent focussed on his new Sic EP, which dropped earlier today. The EP takes on breakbeat full force, jumping all across the genre’s spectrum; most notably, dubstep and glitch-hop influences show through here. While the release has its heavy moments, it’s nowhere within the sounds of uncontrollable madness, instead introducing calculated and precise compositions. What I really love about the Sic EP though is the evidently developed sound design. “Phat Phuck” in particular is a prime example of this with a bubbling underlayer and a treble range cutting through.

Ludge Soundcloud // Twitter

Ludge – Sic EP FREE Download (Full EP)!!

Funkadelphia Picks: “Phat Phuck” & “Revelations”

01) “Conception” — FREE Download!!

02) “Phat Phuck” — FREE Download!!

03) “Disconnect” — FREE Download!!

04) “Sic” — FREE Download!!

05) “Revelations” — FREE Download!!

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