Drum & Bass / Electronic

Hesit – Pest Control EP [Drum & Bass//Electronic]


I first became familiar with Heist through a remix he did for the Buygore Label a few years ago. At the time, the label was one of my go-to’s for finding hard-hitting tunes, and Heist had served up one of my favorites on a relentless remix of a Document One tune. This was also at the time when I was making the transition from simply destructive dubstep tracks, to fusions that brought those elements to other genres, primarily drum & bass. So Heist’s throttling drumstep style was not a tough one to settle into. With his brand new Pest Control EP, the UK producer is keeping up with tradition, delivering six new tracks, all drum & bass, but all filthy as your wildest dreams can imagine.

Heist Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Heist – Pest Control EP Buy the EP // Buy on iTunes

Funkadelphia Picks: “Pest Control” & “Trip Wire”

01) “Pest Control” (Clip)

02) “Filth Bag” (Clip)

03) “Big Mouth” (Clip)

04) “Simpleton” (Clip)

05) “Trip Wire” (Clip)

06) “Probe Droid” (Clip)

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