Dubstep/Drumstep / Electronic

Minesweepa – Epidemic EP [Dubstep//Drumstep]


Darby Phillips, a.k.a. Minesweepa, makes his first appearance on Funkadelphia with his Epidepmic EP. Firepower recruits their talent young as Phillips is yet another member of the dominating label who is under 20 years old. He appeared on the charts as young as 16, scoring releases under Ultragore, Multikill, and HeavyArtillery. This kid demonstrates his exceptional talent in Epidemic, a very nasty dubstep EP with some borderline glitchy growls and awesome drum patterns comparable to fellow firepower member Rekoil. Phillips maintains a dark undertone throughout this EP, certainly earning his spot on the Firepower team. Then, there’s that second drop in “Piranha Party”…

Minesweepa Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Minesweepa – Epidemic EP – Buy on iTunes

Funkadelphia Picks: “Piranha Party” & “Famous”

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