Electronic / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul / Jazz/Funk

Haywyre – Twofold Pt. 1 [Glitch//Electronica]


It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Haywyre, but the mid-west producer has provided us with more than enough music to keep us busy in the past. It seems there was a lot of time put into his latest work, Twofold Pt. 1, which perhaps explains the gap in releases. Whatever the case, the new album exemplifies a new side of Haywyre we have yet to see. Generally classified by minimal glitchy and easing bass sounds, the producer’s work has regularly been of the upbeat nature. However, the newest release takes on elements of electronica, minimal and downtempo, contorting the sounds into Haywyre’s own take on the style. Each track is driven by instrumental melodies, and the only evidently electronic elements seem to be the supplied drum kits and occasional low-bass frequency. The album seems to capture landscapes, much like the music of Emancipator or Skytree, but in an entirely new light. A few select tracks take on a heavier atmosphere, but twisting themselves into funky rhythms that are seemingly more inspired by acts such as KOAN Sound. And be sure to catch Haywyre performing live at the 2014 Infrasound Music Festival!

Haywyre Website // Soundcloud // Facebook

Haywyre – Twofold Pt. 1 Buy on Bandcamp (Digital/Physical) // Buy on iTunes

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