Electronic / Hip-Hop/Rap / Jam/Jamtronica

Vibe Street – “Something More” [Hip-Hop//Electronica]

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 3.06.30 PM

My jaw is on the floor, my feet are tapping, my heart is pounding, my legs are shaking. This is stunning. This is beautiful. This is unique in the truest sense of the word. This is special, down to each perfectly placed detail. Vibe Stret is the alter ego of Colorado producer Ben Davis. His tunes have kept me entertained for months on end, always full of striking inspiration and meticulous melodies. With a new album on the way, The Road to Something Perfect, it seems he couldn’t hold off any longer to share with his fans what he’s been working on, and all I can say is this couldn’t have come soon enough. There’s a massive amount of live instrument input here, packed with influence from bluegrass and folk, the single, “Something More” is a heart-warming adventure for the soul beginning to end. The beat is hip-hop inspired, and with hip-hop’s roots, that application could not be more applicable. Don’t miss this one, please.

The full album will be released as a FREE download in the days following Snowball Music Festival.

Vibe Street Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Vibe Street – “Something More” [Full Album Coming Soon!!]

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