Downtempo/Minimal / Drum & Bass / Dubstep/Drumstep / Electronic / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul / Jazz/Funk

KOAN Sound – Dynasty EP [Electronic//Bass]


Earlier this year KOAN Sound knocked their listeners off our feet with their mighty new Sanctuary EP, which exposed a side of KOAN Sound we have yet to see. The EP took on strong melodic elements which were applied through downtempo, dubstep and drum & bass in a way never before heard. Of course, most are probably familiar with KOAN Sound’s earlier work, which set the stage for much of the heavy glitch-hop bass music we have heard coming out of the UK, and now the rest of the world.

Their brand new Dynasty EP, which finally dropped today after weeks of anticipation, once again throws us a curveball and in the best possible way. This is truly one of the hardest album’s I’ve ever had to classify, simply because it covers the entire spectrum of all that this masterful UK duo is capable of. Each track takes on a different style. “7th Dimension” kicks off the album with a downtempo glitchy beat full of life and wonder before kicking forward into “Dynasty”, which is the most relatable to KOAN’s earlier work driving onward through a massive glitch-hop bass assault. Then we dive back down into “Infinite Funk”, a track where the name is justified by the sound, because yes, this is straight funk. The EP then wraps up through “Lost In Thought”, a minimal track featuring a large amount of instrumentation that recalls many of the ideas and atmosphere of the Sanctuary EP. It looks like these guys aren’t going to stop, and hey, who’s complaining? I refuse to make “picks” for this EP simply on the criteria that each track is unique and brilliant in its own way. Listen to the whole EP.

And if you haven’t heard, KOAN Sound will be appearing at District N9NE here in Philadelphia alongside West Coast producer Minnesota for a night sure to be packed with bassed out bliss. Openers include Philly’s own MojoRisin and a special set from S.U.B. (a back-to-back set from Ethan Dubb and Desafinado). It’s going down Saturday, April 26th, so save the date! Full details HERE.

KOAN Sound – Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

KOAN Sound – Dynasty EP Buy on iTunes

01) “7th Dimension”

02) “Dynasty”

03) “Infinite Funk”

04) “Lost In Thought”

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