Electronic / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul

Nikita Switch – Penultimate EP [Glitch-Hop//Bass]


It’s getting weird in here, really, really weird. Nikita Switch might be a new name to you, I certainly have to admit he’s certainly new to me. But isn’t that why we’re here? Not only to discover amazing new music from artists we love, but also to discover completely new artists creating completely mind-blowing new material. Well, if you’re here for that reason, than you have succeeded. The Penultimate EP is an incredible showcase of intricate production talent, delving into deep bass tones gouged with swimming sound design and glitch elements that will leave your head spinning. Live instrumentation is also quite present here for any of you music heads that need that aspect in your electronic music. There’s certainly some clear influence on this release from such acts as NOISIA and KOAN Sound, yet Nikita Switch incorporates a blatant unique perspective on those ideas. It’s truly a release you have to hear to believe, so I’ll let you do just that. Thanks to Upscale Recordings for the release; keep an eye on these guys (and Nikita Switch himself) for great new sounds in the future.

Nikita Switch Soundcloud // Facebook

Nikita Switch – Penultimate EP Buy on Beatport

Funkadelphia Pick: “Bone Marrow”

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