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Billy Van & Adam Christopher – Sunglasses EP (“A Year of Free Songs” FREE DL!!) [Bass//Electronic]


We’re only a quarter of the way through 2014 and already it’s easy to see how incredible of a year this is going to be for music. One project that has really caught our attention is this undertaking by Billy Van: the “A Year of Songs” project, in which he promises to release a new, FREE EP each month throughout the entirety of 2014. If you’ve heard the previous two releases or read our articles- the first with film composer Danny Olsonand the second with singer/songwriter J.T. Roach– then you already know that each EP showcases a completely different sound and style, a result of Billy’s own production fusing with that of each guest artist. For the month of March (I know, I know, it’s officially April; I’m a bit late on this one) he has collaborated with another vocalist, this time Adam Christopher, who is better known as the frontman for bands Brothers Grimm and All I’s on Me. With a background in post-hardcore, emo, and punk, Christopher brings these influences with him to the newest release for Billy Van’s project, titled the Sunglasses EP. As a result, the EP is carried by punk inspired vocals, although portrayed through Christopher’s voice in a more pop-based direction, over Van’s own mellow and groovy, yet still bass-filled production.

If you’re feeling this one, I strongly suggest further investigating Brothers Grimm (click HERE to preview music), which is a duo consisting of Adam Christopher, obviously, and Dan Grinn. The duo describes themselves as “scream-step”, an appropriate title considering their sound melds heavy dubstep production elements with post-hardcore style vocals.

Billy Van Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Adam Christopher Facebook

Billy Van & Adam Christopher – Sunglasses EP FREE Download!!

Funkadelphia Pick: “Parade”

“A Year of Songs” Archive:

January: Billy Van & Danny Olson – Convergence EP

February: Billy Van & J.T. Roach – Flipswank EP

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