Electronic / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul / Jazz/Funk

B!unt Force & Kinetik Groove – “Time to Live” (FREE DL!!) + EP Announcement [Electro Soul//Funk]


While not necessarily the most popular of electronic music genres, glitch-hop and electro soul have been making some noise recently. With roots in dubstep, electro and funk, the genres fuse together melodic elements with those of bass music. Philos Records is always one of my go-to’s when searching for fresh new glitch-hop and electro soul tunes. The label is home to a collection of incredibly talented producers and has given birth to countless flawless releases.

One of the the label’s most notable players is certainly B!unt Force, whose sound is just so funky I guarantee you won’t be able to keep you feet from tapping and your head from bobbing; that is, if it doesn’t force you on to your feet and into a dancing frenzy altogether. After putting out a solo release, A Brighter Tomorrow EP, earlier this Winter, Brian Gustafson (B!unt Force) is teaming up with labelmate Kinetik Groove to bring us a fresh new EP in August of this year. To get us especially excited for the release, and to also simply satisfy our consistent need for funky tunes, the two have released the EP’s first single, “Time to Live”, and as a FREE download as well! The track features B!unt Force’s own masterful guitar skills as well as a perfect fusion of both producers styles, resulting in a masterful, groovy tune that is, well, full of funk. Check it out and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the full EP later this Summer!

B!unt Force – Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Kinetik Groove Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

B!unt Force x Kinetik Groove – “Time to Live” — FREE Download!!/Donate

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